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If you only attend one conference this year, make it Idea Generation 2016

Access to leading fund managers
Best Investment Ideas & Strategies
Exclusive oppotunity to network with HNWI's
1 on 1 meetings with fund managers





8:00am      Registration & Breakfast

8:45am      Idea Generation Welcome - Craig Kaufman

9:00am      Mott Capital Management - Michael J. Kramer  

9:30am      CDAM - Scott Davies
10:00am    Probabilities Fund Managaement - Joseph B. Childrey

10:30am    Cognios Capital - Jonathan C. Angrist

11:00am    Kovitz Investment Group - Joel D. Hirsch

11:30am    Star Mountain Capital - Brett Hickey

12:00pm    Big Tree Capital - Kevin T. Carter

12:30pm    Grand Slam Capital - Mitch Sacks

1:00pm      Pawleys Capital Management - Kathryn Schwartz

1:30pm      Paix et Prosperite Funds - William Ehrman

2:00pm      ValVista Capital - Jim Gentrup

2:30pm      Hedgecovest - Evan Rapoport

3:00pm      Avasar Partners - Sidarth Kapoor

3:30pm      Networking Break

4:00pm      Bull/Bear Panel Discussion 

4:30pm      Closing Remarks

5:00pm      Conference Ends

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